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Recent and Past RPC Awards

This list shows RPC award recipients for the current fiscal year. For previous years, see the links below. You may also view a list of outcomes (publications, presentations, etc.) of past RPC funding.

RPC Grants Awarded During the Current Academic Year (2015-16)


RecipientProject Title / DescriptionRequestAmount of AwardDate of Award
 Jim Hahn and James Whitacre  Integrating Indoor Positioning Beacons into Collections Based Wayfinding and Recommendations  Hourly wages


 Aug. 17, 2015

 Laila Moustafa, Bethany Anderson and Josh Harris

 World War II and the Holocaust: What Can be Done to Save Cultural Heritage in Times of War  Travel support 


 Aug. 26, 2015

 Caroline Szylowicz

 An Examination of Marcel Proust's Reading and Book Collecting Practice  Travel support 


 Sep. 10, 2015

 Antonio Sotomayor

 The Sovereign Colony: An Index Indexing for a book 


 Oct. 1, 2015

 Mara L. Thacker, Tom Teper, Joe Lenkart and Esra Coskun

 Measuring and Sustaining the Impact of Area Studies Collections in a Research Library Poster printing


 Oct. 13, 2015







RPC Grants Awarded for Previous Years